Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rational Policy Tester

This beautiful baby is the Rational Policy Tester plugin for Firefox built by IBM. It scans websites for accessibility issues and lists the possible areas that could be improved. It's my assumption that this tool is still being used to treat the symptoms and not the disease, but it's still a wonderful tool. Injected into the design and development process at the right juncture, this tool could make products a better experience for all users as well as save a huge amount of time.

Most UX professionals know how to convince a CEO or other executive that designing properly the first time through will save up to 10 times what it will cost to fix later. The Rational Policy Tester has the potential for the same impact in IBM. I'm just brushing the surface of the tool so I'll know more about it's usefulness (vs. possible unfocused drudgery) in the near future.

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